RAISING FUNDS: Blackbutt woman Tracey Snell wants to give back to the Kingaroy dialysis unit.
RAISING FUNDS: Blackbutt woman Tracey Snell wants to give back to the Kingaroy dialysis unit. Rhiannon Tuffield

Tracey thanks Kingaroy dialysis team

TRACEY Snell spent two years of her life at the Kingaroy dialysis unit and now wants to thank its staff for their hard work and the care shown towards her.

When she was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys in 2014 Ms Snell had to travel from Blackbutt three days a week to undergo the long, gruelling process of dialysis.

"The disease affected my kidneys and liver and my kidneys were failing so I had to undergo the dialysis and a transplant," Ms Snell said.

"In the winter you would be freezing cold because half of your blood is out and it's really hard to regulate your body heat.

"I would have three blankets on and I'd be shivering still."

Ms Snell said the most effective way to show her thanks to the unit was to raise money and buy heat packs and electric throws.

Sponsored by the Bloomin' Beautiful Blackbutt Festival, she said she had fundraised through garage sales, tins and other donations from the community and hoped to raise about $500 for the materials.

"I wanted to raise money to show a bit of appreciation because they basically kept me alive for a couple of years," Ms Snell said.

"They're all really lovely people and they make you feel welcome, they've all got a sense of humour and they just do their best to look after you and make sure you're comfortable."

Ms Snell said she had also finished raising money for cystic fibrosis sufferer Leah Andersen, who will soon embark on a seven-day island hop in June.

Ms Snell raised $7660 in six months with the help of the Blackbutt community, CWA, Blackbutt Aged Care, butcher Chris Rose and wanted to pass on her thanks.

"I guess you could say fundraising has sort of been my thing since I had my operation," Ms Snell said.

"It's hard for me to get a full time job at the moment so it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

"When I was sick the town did fundraisers for me so it's kind of just a bit of a pay it forward."