You might not realise it, but staff face many dangers and risk in the hairdressing industry.
You might not realise it, but staff face many dangers and risk in the hairdressing industry. Contributed

TRADIES HEALTH MONTH: Avoid hairdressing hazards

WHILE there has been a major focus on industrial workers for Tradies Health Month, don't forget about other trades workers in the region.

Hairdressing is a trade that has many risks, and therefore hairdressers need to be careful about the way they handle their equipment, and the products they use.

It can be a dangerous occupation, involving handling sharp scissors, razors, hot curling wands, straighteners, steam and hair dryers, and dealing with many different chemicals that can be harmful to the skin.

Because of these workplace risks at hand, it's important to have a safety plan in place in case anything goes awry.

Firstly, according to Safe Work Australia, every workplace must give access to first aid equipment and trained first aiders.

As SureFireCPR states, different concerns require different treatment in any industry, and especially for hairdressers.

For example, gauze is often used to help cover cuts safely, while cool water works best on thermal burns.

While there are some things you should deal with, for all severe concerns it's important to go to a doctor or hospital in the event of an emergency.

Another reason as to why it's important to focus on hairdressing during Tradies Health Month is that immediate risks aren't their only concern.

It's an industry where the workers are on their feet non-stop, bending in different positions to perform certain jobs, and their hands can also severely dry out from constant contact with water.

According to Occupational Dermatology, the over-exposure to water can cause irritant contact dermatitis, causing the skin to dry out and split or crack.

Because of these constant issues, it's important to be seeing a doctor or dermatologist regularly, a chiropractor for necessary alignments and a podiatrist to make sure you can stay on your feet for work.