ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Traffic cops are now pleading with drivers to think before they act.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Traffic cops are now pleading with drivers to think before they act. Meg Gannon

Traffic cop begs drivers as fatality count keeps rising

DESPITE significant tragedy on our region's roads in the previous seven days, it still hasn't deterred drivers from making stupid decisions.

Police have made the bold warning that's it up to individual motorists to take responsibility for their safety on the roads. The stark warning follows one of the blackest weeks in the south-west, with nine fatalities recorded on the road in a five-day period.

Dalby police sergeant Mark Woitowitz said he was "amazed" by the stupid behaviour driver's displayed behind the wheel after a horror week.

"Over the weekend officers from Dalby Road Policing Unit issued more than 40 traffic infringement notices and detected five drug drivers and one drink driver in one weekend," he said.

"One motorist was recorded travelling at 131km/h in a 100km/h zone while overtaking another vehicle in the pounding rain on a narrow road with three young children in the vehicle.

"This is a tragedy waiting to happen and I can assure you I gave that motorist a piece of my mind."

Dalby RPU conducted 200 RBTs over the weekend, and issued 60 tickets in total - a shocking statistic given the devastation in the previous seven days.

Sgt Woitowitz reminded drivers traffic crashes don't just directly affect the driver, but every single person involved.

"When you get pulled over by police and you think you're being hard done by... stop and think about the traffic crashes the officer has been to and the innocent lives they have seen taken from us," he said.

"The memories of these crashes will live with the officers for the rest of their lives and they too have families to go home to.''