A desire for ocean views ended in a Sunshine Coast court today.
A desire for ocean views ended in a Sunshine Coast court today. John McCutcheon

'Anarchy': What Alex Head man did to create ocean views

A DESIRE for ocean views has cost a man more than $6000 after he was caught trespassing on his neighbour's property to cut down their trees.

The victim of 62-year-old Terry Francis Walsh's seaside dream returned to their Alexandra Headland home on May 29 to find three trees at the back of the block cut back.

Walsh - along with a gardener he unwittingly made an accomplice - left the property immediately when confronted by the home owner who took photos of the crime and passed them onto authorities.

When questioned by police, the semi-retiree admitted he had cut 2m from the top of the trees and had also cut back a stump after talks with the victim broke down.

Walsh sullied his unblemished criminal history today when he pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to trespass and wilful damage.

Lawyer Gabe Hutchinson told the court his client objected to the $5300 quote to replace the trees, but was willing to accept it to avoid dragging out the case.

Mr Hutchinson said Walsh had been pruning some of the trees which overhung into his yard, but became "overzealous".

The quote - which mainly covered fees for heavy machinery - will pay for new trees of the same height to be planted on the property.

Mr Hutchinson argued Walsh should be sentenced to a good-behaviour bond given he was "normally a law-abiding citizen", but Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said he needed to send a message that like crimes wouldn't be tolerated.

"The world sadly is made up of tree haters and tree huggers," Mr McLaughlin said, adding it would be "anarchy" if people could cut down other's trees as they pleased.

Walsh was fined $1000 on top of the $5300 quote with no convictions recorded.