Australian Made logo doesn't mean food is 100% Australian

DO YOU really know where your food is from?

Mackay man Glen MacCarthy says consumers don't know products labelled with the Australian Made logo aren't 100% Australian.

According to the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo code of practice, the logo can be applied to any product when "50 per cent of production or manufacturing costs is attributable to production or manufacturing processes that occurred in Australia".

Mr MacCarthy owns the trademark 100% Australian Product and he wants to lease it to groups or individuals that have items which are completely Australian.

"I approached 64 growers associations and never got one reply from them," he said.

"To me, they're not interested when they should be. They should be pushing everything to get more products.

"I'm trying to get an organisation of growers to take up the trademark and use that through their growers - so the (consumer) knows exactly where the fruit came from."

Mr MacCarthy said conversations had already started within governments to get distinct labelling for Australian products, so now was the perfect time for them to contact him.

He said when he'd approached the previous State Government with his trademark, the response he'd received was that they were happy with the current Australian Made, Australian Grown logo and consumer awareness.

"That's contradictory to what the definition of what Australian Made, Australian Grown is," he said.

Email nemosfishbar@bigpond.com to contact Mr MacCarthy.

The the Australian Made Campaign is the not-for-profit organisation that administers and promotes Australia's only registered country-of-origin certification trade mark for the full range of Aussie products and produce, the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.

It says the full criteria  which must be met for making a country-of-origin claim using the logo include:

•         Australian Made: The product has been made in Australia (not just assembled or packaged) and over 50 per cent of the cost of production cost has been incurred in Australia.

*Food products must also meet a strict set of criteria to avoid confusing consumers about the product's true country-of-origin.

•         Australian Grown: All significant ingredients are grown in Australia and all or almost all processing has been carried out in Australia.
•         Product of Australia: All significant ingredients come from Australia and all or almost all of the manufacturing/processing has been carried out in Australia.
•         Australian Seafood: All significant ingredients are grown/harvested in Australia and all or almost all processing has been carried out in Australia.
•         Australian (for export use only): The product must satisfy the criteria for at least one of the four preceding claims, and not be misleading.

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