Trump probably right about Germany
Trump probably right about Germany

Trump probably right about Germany

Trump has kicked a hornet's nest through accusations that Germany is "captive to Russia" through a gas pipeline project.

His criticisms are furthering tensions beneath the EU's facade of unity. Denmark and the Baltic States have echoed Trump's concerns due to the vulnerability of a Russian energy blockade and likelihood of a strategic power play through simply cutting off gas supplies.

Given Russia's annexation of Crimea, and ongoing destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine, these are not idle worries.

While he is brash and brusque and downright rude in his approach, Trump is probably right in this regard.

At the NATO summit, Trump threw two Starburst lollies at Merkel and said, "You can't say I never give you anything, Angela!"

Perhaps Trump's most recent criticisms of the Nord Steam 2, might be the best thing he has ever given Merkel, if she takes heed and considers what could happen behind the iron curtain as a direct consequence of what Trump deems as "inappropriate" dealings with Russia.

Watch this space. The very controversial pipeline will be completed by the end of 2019.