Big Brother evictee Tully Smyth greeting fans at Dreamworld.
Big Brother evictee Tully Smyth greeting fans at Dreamworld. Paul Broben - Contributed by Channel 9/WIN

Tully to work on 'complicated' relationship after eviction

IT'S complicated. That's the label Tully Smyth would put on her now rocky relationship with girlfriend Tahlia Farrant since leaving the Big Brother house last night.

The 25-year-old is still waiting to talk to her girlfriend, who was clearly upset by the way Smyth's close friendship with fellow housemate Drew was portrayed on the show.

She's been too busy with her media commitments for the show to properly talk to Farrant, and is not confirming a break-up yet.

"I want to take everything offline and speak with her directly," Smyth told APN.

"I obviously respect her decision. Personally I'm just dying to talk to her.

"It's very complicated at the moment."

The social media strategist has some wise words of advice for herself.

"Stay off Twitter, don't' listen to the keyboard worriers and focus on the family and friends and loved ones who know you," she said.

She said catching up on all of the social media drama, which saw her trend twice worldwide on Twitter, has been overwhelming.

"I'm holding up as best as possible," she said.

"Leaving the house is overwhelming and then all my personal dramas on top of that is extra overwhelming. I'm doing best I can and trying to stay positive."

Smyth believes her portrayal on the show was somewhat skewed.

"My best friends who know me the best did say last night there was a lot of me crying," she said.

"They know my other side and they were a little big upset some of my other sides weren't portrayed as much.

"At the end of the day they're squeezing 24 hours into a 1.5-hour timeslot. I've got an interesting crying face apparently."

She believes today's arrival of the bearded intruders will shake up the house.

"It's going to go down like a ton of lead balloons," she said.

"The guys are waiting for the sexy cute girls - apparently the female housemates are wallpaper now - and the girls are waiting for a bit of a spunk. So to have these two hairy guys come in, no one's going to be happy."

Also on tonight's show, Bert and Patti Newton will surprise Ben for his birthday and the housemates will discover they are all up for eviction.

Big Brother airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.


Big Brother evictee Tully Smyth pictured with host Sonia Kruger.
Big Brother evictee Tully Smyth pictured with host Sonia Kruger. Paul Broben - Contributed by Channel 9/WIN