Two months: I couldn't be happier

THE list of places I have visited is surreal and the time that has passed is even more so. The 4th of December, 2012 marks two months since I flew out of Australia. That time has flown and the experiences I have had are memories that I will have for a life time.

The time away from home, during which I have travelled to new places, tried new things and met new people, has really opened up so many more doors for me.

Not only opportunities but the way I think. It has really helped me understand myself and the things I want to accomplish in my life - it has let me conquered my goals and helped me create new ones.

The experiences I have had has given me so much more confidence and has changed me a lot, for the best. This time last year I would freak out about the idea of a two minute speech in front of my school class.

Now I am extremely comfortable standing up in front of a huge group of people at schools in Switzerland and telling them all about myself and my life in Australia.

It has really given me a lot of confidence that will help me for the rest of my life. Travel really brings incredible opportunities that change you, for the better.

They say that if you go and follow your dreams, the people you meet along the way will be incredibly special in your life. The people that have been so kind to welcome me into the homes, schools, towns and countries have enabled me to have the incredible journey I have had.

Without them this whole journey would be completely different. Everyone has put so much support, effort and love into my trip and I can show my appreciation enough.

My Aunty Donatella, who has such a kind heart and put so much time and effort into my trip, has showed me so many places and opened up my eyes to the special things of travel.

Dona, Joe, Tiziano, Barbra, Ricardo, Jsabelle - my family in Switzerland that gave me some truly special moments and so much love. 

Luisa showed me the beautiful country of Italy and welcomed me into her home with so much love and fun, she is such an incredible person and I loved spending time with her.

The Mettler family are so warm hearted and made me feel right at home with them, whilst introducing me to incredible new experiences. 

The new people I have met on my trip, I hope to stay friends with for life. I will always remember that afternoon of wondering around Torino with the beautiful Alice, looking through the Italian-English dictionary when at lost for words.

The positive look on life Gianna gave me, which will always help me through any struggles I have in my life. The way everyone welcomed and treated me in the Swiss school in Ilanz had me scrolling the Internet for International School in Switzerland so I could stay with these beautiful people.

Saying goodbye to all of those incredible people was harder than saying goodbye to Australia and I am counting down the days until I can see them again.

Not in a million years of planning and day dreaming could I have prepared myself for the experiences and people that I have met on my travels.

They have encouraged me so much with my goals and dreams and I am very thankful for that. Here is to another beautiful month-and-a-half before I return home.

  • London, Brighton (England).
  • Paris (France).
  • Berlin, Rust (Germany).
  • Florence,
  • Milan,
  • Pinerollo,
  • Piscino,
  • Tirano,
  • Torino (Italy).
  • Appenzell,
  • Arosa,
  • Bad Ragaz,
  • Bern,
  • Bernina,
  • Chur,
  • Degersheim,
  • Flawil,
  • Flims,
  • Geneve,
  • Hundwil,
  • Ilanz,
  • Jakobsbad,
  • Laax,
  • Ladir,
  • Lausanne,
  • Lugano,
  • Poschiavo,
  • Rapperswil,
  • Saint Gallen,
  • Saint Mortiz,
  • Zurich (Switzerland).