The cloud over Lake Proserpine that has been making international headlines
The cloud over Lake Proserpine that has been making international headlines

Is this a portal to another dimension over Lake Proserpine?

SOME say it's a portal to another dimension, others evidence of corrupt governments manipulating the weather and some think it's evidence of a UFO landing.

Whatever it may be one thing is certain: the mysterious funnel shaped cloud snapped by a Twitter user yesterday over Lake Proserpine is making international headlines.

Local angler Karen Deller captured the image that depicts a cone shaped cloud over the water the of the lake.

An English news outlet reported some Twitter users had heralded the arrival of the cloud as a sign of an impending apocalypse but Scott Waring via said he is convinced the cloud was evidence of a UFO hiding in the clouds.

"This was just sent into me on Twitter from one of our readers," he wrote.

"He only said a friend who found it shared it with him and his friend said, 'Took this photo while on lake Proserpine. There were several like it and am wondering what causes them?'

"The person told me that he believes his friend has spotted a UFO hiding in the clouds.

"There is a high possibility since you see the ring, and the lower middle area that has been forcibly pushed away from the ship," he wrote.

The reality is a little less fanciful and scary.

The phenomenon is known as a fallstreak hole and Australia is known for creating some impressive examples.

Also known as cloud canal, skypunch or hole punch cloud a fallstreak hole is a large gap, usually circular or elliptical, that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds.

Whatever the cause or the reason for the unusual could formation, the scene over Lake Proserpine, with dead trees sticking out of the water and a bizarre cloud overhead creates an eerie spectacle.