UnBEERlievable! Is this the worst idea ever?

Beer. We've all drunk it and given today's a Friday, there's a good chance quite a few of us will be having one tonight.

But now there's a new tipple on the scene - a beer just for ladies. Sold in a pretty, marble-patterned, millennial pink bottle, Aurosa is described as a 'premium lifestyle beer' and is brewed in Prague.

According to their online shop, it has a "unique, unmistakably strong taste that is adapted to the elegance of women". We are not really sure what that means.

Aurosa for women.
Aurosa for women. Instagram - Aurosa

One 330ml bottle of Aurosa will also set you back €10, around $14 Australian dollars, making it one very expensive beer.

So, does that mean that beer is not a gender-neutral beverage after all? Were we not meant to be cracking open a cold one all along because they're just for boys?

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Aurosa's Instagram page looks very luxe and ridiculously glamorous. You could be mistaken for thinking you've stumbled onto the page of a high fabric retailer or someone who makes a living wearing swimsuits on beaches.

every summer has its own story #summerjam #lifestyle

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Understandably the product has received some criticism online forcing Aurosa to release a statement defending their beer. They claim the product "never intended to dictate what women should or shouldn't drink".

We think beer is beer no matter what gender you are so if you want to knock back a VB, be our guest.