UPGRADES: South Burnett Regional Council is applying for funding to upgrade the roof and to re-stump the Mondure Hall.
UPGRADES: South Burnett Regional Council is applying for funding to upgrade the roof and to re-stump the Mondure Hall. Jessica McGrath

Upgrades planned for iconic South Burnett buildings

FUNDING is on order for new roofs on two iconic South Burnett buildings.

South Burnett Regional Council has decided to apply for funding for two projects through the local government grants and subsidy program during their meeting on January 16.

This will be for a roofing upgrade for Ringsfield House and a stumping and roofing upgrade for the Mondure Hall.

Mayor Keith Campbell said the Ringsfield House project was projected to cost $200,000 and would ensure the house and historical items on display were safe from water damage.

"From a visual inspection, the Ringsfield roof is showing major signs of deterioration with possible leaks during heavy rain and storms,” he said.

"Replacing the roof before any other structural improvements or repairs is a priority to protect future improvements.”

The Mondure Hall upgrade was projected to cost around $400,000 for the stumping and roofing.

"Inspection of Mondure Hall shows that the stumps have significant damage and are not supporting the floor in a number of areas,” Cr Campbell said.

"The main roof has deteriorated showing major rust areas with holes in the iron visible from inside the building.”

Councillor Kathy Duff said the upgrade needed to be a priority because the hall was a community hub for residents.

"We have committed to long term with the Mondure Hall, we've sacrificed the Hivesville Hall so we've made the commitment to the community that Mondure Hall would be kept for that reason,” she said.

The hall had recently had wheelchair access put in and the kitchen done up.

"We need to progress forward and do the stumping and roofing,” Cr Duff said.

Not all councillors agreed the hall was the best investment for the grant, which covers 60 per cent of total eligibility costs of the project.

Councillor Terry Fleischfresser said the hall would require further upgrades and more money to bring it up to certain safety standards.

"Our responsibility to the community by and large is overwhelming,” he said.

Cr Fleischfresser said the proposal did not reflect the true cost of the upgrades needed for Mondure Hall.

He was concerned a roof upgrade would trigger more urgent major upgrades to the hall.

"We do not know the total cost of the hall upgrades needed and is it wise to put that long term investment in such an old building,” he said.

The hall would also eventually require sewerage upgrades, disabled toilets, additional water storage, hard-wired smoke detectors, fire safety conditions and clear exit lighting.

General manager Lester Schumacher said the works proposed for the roof stumping was a priority for the hall.

"Do those works trigger further building compliances, no they don't,” he said.

Cr Campbell said the additional upgrades could be done another time.

"My understanding is this work could be progressive,” he said.