A FIRST look at the long-awaited Simpsons Family Guy crossover episode has been released at Comic Con, revealing Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson's budding friendship.

The teaser begins with the Griffin family giving their divided opinions about Springfield on arrival.

Peter warns Stewie not to drink the water because "everyone around her looks like they have hepatitis", while Lois comments "this Springfield place seems nice, we should visit here again."

Couch potatoes Peter and Homer bond over a shared love for doughnuts after Homer presents the family with a box full of the treats from Apu's store, but the two Dads later row over their favourite beer brand.

Meanwhile, Stewie eagerly tries to impress Bart who calls up Moe's tavern to make a prank call.

Stewie asks to do the same, but his macabre adult humour doesn't go down so well when he tells Moe: "Hello Moe, your sister's just been raped."

Brian watches on without saying much in the teaser, other than dropping a hint that the crossover episode will definitely be a one-off.

He tells Lois in reply to her effusive comment about Springfield: "I don't know Lois, this looks like a one-shot deal."

The Simpsons' creative team appear to have shaken up the long-running show's format in a bid to boost ratings after they fell to an all-time low earlier this year.

Showrunner Al Jean has confirmed that a popular Simpsons character is set to die soon, hinting heavily it is likely to be Krusty the Clown.

The character due to die has won an Emmy for their work on the show, with Jean confirming the character is "great" but not necessarily "iconic".

"The Simpsons Guy" will premiere on Fox in the US on 28 September.