THIS is too fast.

Watching this Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid do 350kmh on an unrestricted stretch of highway north of Alice Springs will make your stomach turn.


This is not the polished asphalt of the European autobahn. This is a country motorway.

The man behind the wheel is not your average driver, but a trained professional.

The hybrid supercar, which retails for more than $800,000, runs on two electric engines, alongside a 4.6L V8 petrol engine.

In all, we're talking 652kw.

The stretch of the Northern Territory's Stuart Highway lost its speed limit in early 2014, as part of a trial.

The 200km expanse lies between Alice Springs and Barrow Creek.

For those craving speed, it is a god-send.

For those wary of how many die on Australian roads each year -- 1141 were killed on Australian roads in past 12 months -- it is a scary premise.

For Porsche, it's a marketing opportunity.

The Porsche 918 Spyder
The Porsche 918 Spyder