Axle Whitehead hosts Seven’s new game show, The  Wall.
Axle Whitehead hosts Seven’s new game show, The Wall.

Viewers slam new game show The Wall

IT was pitched as the life-changing game show that makes dreams come true. But Seven's new game show, The Wall, has been slammed by viewers on its debut.

The premiere episode of the quiz show - where teams of two hope to win large amounts of cash for a greater good - copped a bagging on social media.

One Twitter user even went so far as to describe it as "the most cringeworthy show I've ever seen".


Hosted by Axle Whitehead and based on a US format, the opening episode featured Chrissy and Dez, a couple aiming to win big money to pay for their son's surgery. But viewers found the concept of the show - where large amounts of cash can be won or lost in an instant, depending on which way a ball bounces - lacking in the entertainment department.

Host Whitehead didn't fare any better, with one Twitter user describing him as having "the charisma of a carrot".


Other viewers found the show so bad it was unbearable - with a large number calling for it to be axed.