WAGON'S BACK: Volvo returns to its roots with the all-new stylish and versatile V90 wagon.
WAGON'S BACK: Volvo returns to its roots with the all-new stylish and versatile V90 wagon.

Bringing sexy wagons back: Volvo's V90

VOLVO showed off the latest addition to its range in Stockholm this week, the stylish and versatile V90, which joins the award-winning XC90 and S90 in the car maker's premium 90 series.

While much of Volvo's recent success has come courtesy of SUVs, it is a manufacturer whose heritage is steeped in the wagon and this V90 not only reflects that tradition but will also help reignite interest in that class.

Wagons may have lost some of their appeal in the past decade but Volvo has worked hard to offer up an enticing package, equipping the V90 with space, luxury inclusions and technological innovations; features needed to distract buyers from the allure of the ever-growing SUV market.

Like its S90 sedan equivalent, the V90 is pleasing to the eye with classic lines, a low stance and modern light design. The luxury interior is all about soft leather, suitable cabin highlights and a quality fit and finish.

Volvo V90 Studio Interior
Volvo V90 Studio Interior

Volvo has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge safety inclusions and the V90 is no different, boasting such wonders as large animal detection and run-off road mitigation, as well as Pilot Assist semi- autonomous drive technology. There is a nod too for connectivity with smartphone integration with Apple Play.

"The modern stylish estate is all about the intriguing combination of a luxurious experience with the functional origins of the estate silhouette," said Kevin McCann, head of Volvo Australia.

"The sophisticated ambience of our new Volvo interiors is combined with a great cargo space, providing the right kind of functionality - whether through connectivity or cargo and storage solutions."

Like the XC90 and S90, expect the V90 to have excellent on-road manners, high-end refinement and the power needed to carry the family and their assorted necessities.

Volvo said they have worked tirelessly on the driving dynamics to produce engaging control and predictability.

"We have a very strong offer in the V90. Our PowerPulse technology is designed to deliver a distinct performance boost to our diesel engine, while the T8 Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid will deliver more than 300kW and a pure electric range of around 50km," Mr McCann said.

The V90 will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month but there is no word yet on when it will arrive in Australia and what the variants will be.