SUPERSTARS: Volunteers at Karma's Place Pet rescue, Tori Paola and Megan Pryor.
SUPERSTARS: Volunteers at Karma's Place Pet rescue, Tori Paola and Megan Pryor. Claudia Williams

VOTES ARE IN: Top ten community groups, as voted by you

VOLUNTEERS do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.

These sentiments are echoed by community groups all across the country.

In week six of the South Burnett Times People's Choice Awards, we asked readers, who is the region's best community group?

Sam Pryor is the owner of South Burnett not-for-profit pet rescue organisation, Karma's Place.

She was very thankful to be voted in the top ten for the People's Choice Awards and she praised the core team of volunteers who handle adoptions and foster animals.

"We always welcome volunteers,” she said.

"Our main thing we need more than anything is more foster parents.”

Karma's Place Rescue boasts 30 adoptions a month.

However, they also take in a lot of special needs animals who also need loving homes.

"We take in deaf animals, blind and senior animals.

"Even animals who need limbs removed,” Ms Pryor said.

"We currently have one pup who is 14 weeks old. He was born totally deaf and has only three legs.”

Ms Pryor said anyone can be a foster family.

"All you need is a bit of love in your heart,” she said.

Here are you top ten South Burnett community groups, as voted by you.

Be sure to vote in next week's People's Choice Awards when we ask, what is the best take-away store in the South Burnett?

SB Top ten community groups

1/ Kingaroy Bacon Fest

2/ SB Autism Support

3/ Karma's Place Rescue

4/ Coverty Creek Community Development and Social Group

5/ Queensland Dairy and Heritage Museum

6/ Red Earth Community Foundation

7/ RSPCA Kingaroy

8/ Ration Shed Museum

9/ SB Musical Comedy Society

10/ Wondai Show Society