WA fracking ban to be lifted next month

A moratorium on gas fracking in parts of Western Australia is expected to be officially lifted next month.

In November, the state government announced its election promise banning the controversial practice in the South West, Peel and Perth regions would remain, but fracking would be allowed on existing petroleum titles in other parts of WA.

Its implementation plan, released late on Friday, shows the completion date for lifting the moratorium is August.

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association applauded, saying it would help boost confidence in the sector, and deliver much-needed jobs and economic growth.

The state government has been at pains to stress the petroleum titles where fracking will be allowed cover just two per cent of the state.

It also says fracking will not be allowed in sensitive areas including the Dampier Peninsula, but has not yet defined the boundary and expects that will be complete by October.

"There is still so much work to do," The Wilderness Society's acting state director Kit Sainsbury said on Monday.

"Many of the regulations it intends to implement run through to December 2020 before their conclusion."