WALEED Aly has been branded "unhinged" after writing a New York Times article critical of Australia's policies on immigration and terrorism.

Right wing commentator and author Gerard Henderson accused Aly of spreading "fallacies" about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's initiatives to ward off potential attacks on Australia.

In the article, Aly labels Turnbull as "extremely weak" and slams his plan to create a super ministry to combat terrorism, the actual threat of which had been "over-hyped".

'I've had a look at Waleed Aly's piece, and for Dr Aly to say that Malcolm Turnbull has debased immigration in Australia to an American and international audience, is completely false,' Henderson said on Tuesday's edition of The Bolt Report.

"The idea that the prime minister, because he renames a department is debasing immigration, is just a total fallacy.

"(It's) demeaning of the country. From a man who holds a doctorate of philosophy and teaches students at Monash University and has a number of programs on the ABC and Channel 10, this is sort of unhinged commentary."

Waleed Aly screenshot The Project
Waleed Aly hosting The Project on Ten.

In his article, Aly said multiculturalism used to be celebrated but was now considered a "threat to be managed'.

"Every now and then you get the impression that Australia is desperate to be under grave threat,' he wrote.

Last week, Mr Turnbull announced the creation of a super ministry at a dramatic press conference against a back drop of military equipment and gasmask wearing soldiers.

"It was a shocking yet predictable moment because it seemed like a sudden escalation for Mr Turnbull who was once a critic of Mr Abbott's tendency to over-hype the threat of terrorism," Aly wrote.