WATCH: Australia's largest Lego Christmas tree built

THE Southern Hemisphere's largest Lego Christmas Tree has arrived at at Westfield Sydney.

Standing taller than a two-storey house and wider than a family car, the tree was created especially for local Lego fans by Australia's only Lego certified professional, Ryan McNaught.

The tree features a life-sized Santa and sleigh built out of Lego bricks, along with a special reindeer designed by competition winner and Lego Club Member, 10-year old Luke Francis. 

"I can't wait to see the Christmas cheer it brings to Lego fans of all ages,'' Mr McNaught said.

The Lego Christmas Tree will be officially unveiled with its first "switch-on" of the lights and a spectacular music show at 8pm on Thursday night.

Set to popular Christmas carols, the light show will inspire fans every night throughout the holiday season at the following times - 8:00pm, 8:15pm, 8:30pm, 8:45pm, 9:00pm, from 28 November - 26 December.

The LEGO Christmas Tree:

•       Built from half a million LEGO bricks and weighs 3.5 tons
•       Almost 10 metres tall - standing taller than a two-storey house and wider than a family car
•       The biggest LEGO Christmas Tree ever seen in the Southern Hemisphere
•       The LEGO baubles on the tree are as big as basketballs
•       The LEGO Christmas tree took more that 1,200 hours to build
•       Features a koala and Santa with surfboard, built entirely from LEGO bricks, for a unique Aussie touch

Every Australian owns an average of 75 LEGO bricks;

• Children from all over the world spend 5 billion hours a day playing with LEGO sets;

• There are 915 million ways to combine six 2 x 4 bricks;
• 306 million tyres for LEGO vehicles are being produced every year, making The LEGO Group the world's largest tyre manufacturer;

• Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would reach more than ten times round the world;

• LEGO Minifigures are the world's largest population

• More than 7 LEGO sets are sold each second;

• 36,000 LEGO elements are produced every minute.