WATCH: Booze Bangle sends internet into spin

A NOOSAVILLE homewares shop has sent the online world in to a frenzy with its sneaky new product.

On September 16, an employee at Gibsons posted a 14-second video on Facebook of the 'Booze Bangle', a secret flask worn on the wrist, and has since attracted 16 million views, 190,000 shares and 110,000 comments.

Gibsons owner Jo Cooke said the shop's Facebook page had "never really excited anybody" until after the video.

"Within a day, it just went crazy," Ms Cooke said.

"We only had about 1500 likes on our page and suddenly we were getting so much more.

"We've got about 18,000 likes now.

"I wasn't expecting it at all. It's just this crazy phenomenon.

"We virtually sold out overnight, we're likely to get more in (this week)."

Ms Cooke said the clever employee, Jo Cooper, had been experimenting with advertising on social media, but seemed to have struck a gold mine this time.

"Joey had been experimenting with boomerang on Instagram with some of our products," Ms Cooke said.

"I think this time, it's the video.

"On Facebook, a video versus a photo works a lot better.

"It was so short and clear and funny, there's something really naughty and fun about them."

Since attracting international attention from media companies like Unilad, the Daily Mail UK and Fortafy, Ms Cooke hopes the video will help promote Noosa and other local businesses to the world.