Coolabunia State School celebrates 125 years

WATCH: Coolabunia State School celebrates 125 years

OLD school friends have reunited to celebrate 125 years of Coolabunia education.

The school hosted a 125th anniversary celebration on Saturday, which brought together a raft of current and former students.

Principal Murray Johnston said the event was a proud moment for the school, and for him personally.

Mr Johnston, who has been principal at the school since 1986, said the Coolabunia community still held the school close to its heart.

Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey was a special guest at the celebration.

Mr de Jersey's father Ronald was principal at the school from 1950-1953.

"It's something of a coming home for me," he said.

While Mr de Jersey did not attend the school, brothers Peter and John did.

He said his brothers had memories of "slates and inkwells" from their time in the Coolabunia classrooms.

The school will seal a time capsule on June 16.

It will be opened in 2041 - the year of the school's 150th anniversary.

See photos from the event below.

Coolabunia State School facts

  • Coolabunia State School opened on June 16, 1891.
  • In its 125 years, 1961 students have been enrolled.
  • There has also been 24 principals, at least 41 teachers and more than 30 ancillary staff.
  • The school currently has 128 students enrolled.