CUTTING-edge technology has made its way to the South Burnett.

Customers at the Nanango Discount Drug Store are enjoying improved prescription waiting times thanks to the introduction of a pharmacy robot.

The Rowa Vmax 210, the first of its kind in the South Burnett, is a state-of-the-art prescription automation machine.

It was the first time the German company, BD ROWA, had built the particular model in Australia.

Pharmacy robot at Nanango Discount Drug Store:
Pharmacy robot at Nanango Discount Drug Store:

South Burnett chemist Barry Lonsdale said the pharmacy robot was a helpful addition to his team.

"It better enables us to meet the health needs of our customers in the future and in particular as the population ages," Mr Lonsdale said.

The pharmacy robot has many uses.

It puts away stock, does stocktake, enables more accurate ordering and gets the stock out as it is dispensed for a prescription.

While the impressive machine helps with the prescription process, Mr Lonsdale is adamant it was not a means of replacing his pharmacists.

"Many people worry that automation results in loss of jobs," he said.

"We have been able to retain all of our staff and the time saved by automation has enabled us to better service our customers."

The innovative machine, which took two weeks to set up, allows more time for pharmacists to talk to customers about their medications and health needs.