WATCH: Plane passenger takes off clothes, starts screaming

A FLIGHT in the US was forced to turn around before take-off when a woman removed her clothes and began screaming.

The Frontier Airlines flight was about to fly from Denver to Portland, Oregon, when the passenger became agitated as the plane taxied.

Another passenger on the flight, identified only by his first name Devin, recorded video of the incident and posted it on YouTube.

The footage shows the woman kicking and screaming on the ground, while banging on the cockpit door. She then said, "You don't even realise we're about to die. This thing is going down".

Devin told Fox News Denver the woman's behaviour had been erratic inside the airport and that she had then tried to pry open an overhead panel and get out an oxygen mask as the plane taxied.

"At that point, she had enough and she jumped out of her seat, jumped over the person closest to the aisle there," he said.

He stopped recording when the woman began taking her clothes off.

"There were no clothes," he said. "Not even socks."

A spokesman for Frontier Airlines confirmed the flight had returned to the gate and police had escorted a passenger off the plane before the trip to Portland was resumed.