A new video has been released by Health Infrastructure on clinicians talking about the new Tweed Valley Hospital.
A new video has been released by Health Infrastructure on clinicians talking about the new Tweed Valley Hospital.

WATCH: Tweed doctors speak about new hospital

TWEED medical staff have banded together to talk about the benefits the new $534 million Tweed Valley Hospital will provide for the region.

 In a new video, Tweed Medical Staff Council Co-Chair and Director of Emergency, Doctor Rob Davies, acknowledges the limitations that staff at the current Tweed Hospital experience each day.   

"The staff here at the current hospital are very aware of the limitation of services that we can provide the community at the moment, and a lot of patients are having to travel out of the area to get those services," Dr Davies said.

"The whole driving point for the new hospital, the Tweed Valley Hospital, is to be able to provide those services close to home for patients and families.

"We want to provide gold standard care, and for that we need gold standard infrastructure".

For Dr Davies and other hospital clinicians, the opportunity to build a new hospital on a greenfield site will mean a modern hospital that is able to provide services that have never been available in the region previously. 

"At present, a lot of cancer patients have to go either privately or they may have to go to Gold Coast or Brisbane for care. They may actually have to have care in multiple places at once," Dr Davies said.

"The Tweed Valley Hospital, a comprehensive cancer care service is going to be developed there so that patients will have a one-stop shop." 

 Nurse Unit Manager Ryan Armstrong said a blank slate was a great opportunity for staff and the community. 

"That's the beauty of it - we are starting from scratch. The clinicians are having their say, we are bringing in all of our expertise. We are speaking with the patients," Mr Armstrong said. 

"We will be looking at absolutely everything - from your admission, through to your discharge and getting you back as quickly as we can to your community or your home. 

"It's going to be a great thing for the community, and for me, that's why we are here."   

Acting Nurse Unit Manager Sam Peterson said he believed the new Tweed Valley Hospital would make a huge difference for staff and patients alike. 

"I am really excited about the new Tweed Valley Hospital. I think it is going to bring us a lot of opportunity to offer families a really holistic service," Ms Peterson said. 

"We have outgrown the space that we are in at the moment."