START AGAIN: Barry Fisher outside his Cherbourg home of over 16 years which was destroyed by fire.
START AGAIN: Barry Fisher outside his Cherbourg home of over 16 years which was destroyed by fire. Matt Collins

WATCH: What started Cherbourg house fire?

BARRY Fisher and his family are still coming to terms with what happened after they lost everything in a house fire at the weekend.

The Cherbourg family's home was completely destroyed when a fire gutted the house that they had called home for more than 16 years.

There were eight people in the house on the night of the fire, including Mr Fisher's partner who was staying over that night.

Thankfully, they all got out of the Cobbo St house and no one was injured.

The fire is believed to have begun when a child was playing with a lighter in a bedroom.

Cherbourg Housefire how it started:
Cherbourg Housefire how it started:

"We were watching TV in the lounge room," Mr Fisher said.

"The smoke alarm went off. We just thought it was the toaster. Because the toaster has set off the alarm before."

The child started screaming when the flames grew and Mr Fisher knew something was wrong.

Cherbourg fire how it started 2:
Cherbourg fire how it started 2:

"We got up and looked in the room. It was well alight," he said.

"We tried to throw water on it but it was too far gone."


Everyone in the house started screaming and headed out the front and back doors.

"We didn't have time to get anything," Mr Fisher said.

"All I had on was my shorts. That's all I had."

Mr Fisher recalled just how quickly the house was engulfed in flames.

"It was lit up in about five or 10 minutes," he said.

"It was gone. It was that quick."

The family of eight found safety out on the road, surrounded by friends and relatives.

"I was worried the fuel in the cars or the gas cylinders would go off," Mr Fisher said.

As the head of the household, Mr Fisher was doing his best to be strong for the rest of the family, but it was tough.

"Everybody broke down," he said.

"We all cried and hugged each other."

Now the rebuilding phase begins, both literally and emotionally.

Mr Fisher's employer, Kingaroy Hospital, has offered counselling support through Queensland Health, and Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council has also offered assistance.

"There are people we can talk to," he said.

"We'll get down there and have a talk and a debrief."

But for now, Mr Fisher is still trying to comprehend how it all happened.

"I am shocked," he said.

"I am devastated. We have had 16 years here."

"I am still holding on for my family. I've got to be strong."