APPROVED: An existing quarry located at 1304 Wattlegrove Rd and Half Mile Creek Rd will increase its current extraction rates.
APPROVED: An existing quarry located at 1304 Wattlegrove Rd and Half Mile Creek Rd will increase its current extraction rates. Google Maps

Wattlegrove quarry to increase extraction rates

AN EXISTING quarry in Wattlegrove will increase its current extraction rates after approval from council.

South Burnett Regional Council approved of the material change of use development application for Crawford Sand and Gravel Supplies during their meeting on December 12.

The quarry, located at 1304 Wattlegrove Rd and Half Mile Creek Rd, requested to have their extraction rates increased from <500 tonnes per year to 100,000 tonnes per year.

This change will fall within the Industrial Use Class under the Kingaroy Shire IPA Planning Scheme.

Mayor Keith Campbell said the permitted use as part of the approval was extractive industry, extracting not more than 100,000 tonnes per annum.

The approved haul route for the quarry operators was from the quarry entrance along Wattlegrove Rd to Minmore Rd, from Minmore Rd to Deep Creek Rd, to Deep Creek Rd to River Rd, and River Rd to the Bunya Hwy.

No other haul routes will be used, except for local deliveries.

A number of road works will be undertaken along the haul route, to make it safer with the increased load.

Council have identified work which will need to be done for haulages over 10,000 tonnes, but less than 20,000 tonnes of material in a 12 month period.

The existing pavement on Wattlegrove Rd from the quarry access to Minmore Rd shall need to be shaped, widened and gravel will be added where necessary to provide an all-weather minimum 6m wide gravel pavement.

Council has also identified works to be done when over 20,001 tonnes of material is hauled in a year.

The existing unsealed section of Minmore Rd, from Wattlegrove Rd to Deep Creek Rd, will be graded, and pavement added where necessary to provide a 6m wide gravelled pavement, with a minimum depth of 100mm.

The Minmore Rd pavement in front of the house located about 730m west of the intersection of Minmore Rd and Deep Creek Rd shall be further upgraded.

This upgrade will need to consist of a bitumen sealed 6m wide pavement on an 8m formation for a distance of 100m on either side of the house.

Signage will also need to be installed as part of the agreement.

A crest sign will need to be placed on Wattlegrove Rd and a trucks crossing or entering sign on Minmore Rd.

Council said they would investigate special rates to charge most of the cost of the road works to the business.

Under the approved application, the quarry may only operate the extraction, crushing, screening, loading and the operation of plan equipment, ancillary activities and haulage from 6am-6pm from Monday to Friday.

The quarry may also operate on Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

Cr Campbell said anyone who made submissions on the application had appeal rights for 20 business days regarding the development application.