Kerri Saint
Kerri Saint Renee Albrecht

We are all so sad for your loss, Kerri

IMBIL mum Kerri Saint fought all her life for the right of parents to have their children grow up with them, in the face of unfeeling and corrupt authority.

She did so because of her own experience of being stolen from her single mother by official decree in the 1960s and virtually sold into slavery, right here in Queensland, at the age of five.

She freely admits she owes her survival to the first love she ever had, the God she was introduced to by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

She also gives credit to the Aboriginal stolen generation leader who helped his people accept the Prime Minister's apology and then spoke up for Kerri's people too, the white kids who were stolen.

Now she has had her own child taken away, by heartbreaking circumstances that prove only that the universe is a desperately unfair place sometimes, a place where the caring God who saved her does not always seem to win.

Her son, Jacob Roy, suffered an appalling mischance on Saturday when he fell.

He hit his head and got his shirt caught and it choked him.

Jacob's high school mate and namesake, Jacob Cauchi says he could not believe it and broke down at school.

How helpless we all must feel in the face of such immense grief.