Parents are still waiting on refunds after the WJ Lang Memorial Olympic Pool's unexpected closure earlier this year.
Parents are still waiting on refunds after the WJ Lang Memorial Olympic Pool's unexpected closure earlier this year. Troy Kippen

'We want answers' about Kingaroy pool refunds

AN ANONYMOUS Kingaroy mother has spoken out about the Kingaroy pool closure and is asking why refunds still haven't been issued since the pool closed back in May?

The mother of two daughters had been using the Kingaroy pool for the girl's swimming lessons for many years and up until this year had always been impressed.

"It had always been a great place for the kids, it has only been in this last term that we have had problems,” she said.

"We just want some answers to what is going on with refunds.”

The Kingaroy mum had paid over $300 early in the term for both girls to do ten weeks of swimming lessons at the WJ Lang Memorial Olympic Pool.

"You received a discount if you paid before third week,” she said.

But after both girls had only done one lesson each, the mum recieved a text message from the pool's management.

"I got a message stating that part of the indoor pool was structurally damaged and deemed unsafe,” she said.

"But they would be back next week to make up the lesson missed.”

Little did she know, this would be the start of a series of different text messages with various reasons for why lessons were cancelled.

"Some of my friends didn't get any message at all, they just turned up at the pool to find it was closed,” she said.

On May 24 2018, South Burnett Times published an article advising the South Burnett Council and the managers of the pool had mutually ended the lease arrangement at the pool.

The Kingaroy mother understood these things happen but her main concern was the lack of communication.

"It's more frustrating that they weren't being up front and honest from the start,” she said.

Whilst the mother was disappointed with the poor commmunication and still held out hope of recieving a refund, she only wished the previous managers all the best.

"Their swimming lessons were always excellent. They were always so accommodating,” she said.

South Burnett Regional Council have advised the Kingaroy pool is due to reopen in September and application for tenders for the lease of the Kingaroy Pool closed on Tuesday 31 July 2018.

When advised that parents have still not received refunds for unused swimming lessons, the council replied,

"Council are unable to provide refunds for unused swimming lessons as we did not receive the revenue for pool entries, swimming lessons, exercise classes, squad or coaching sessions as per the lease agreement.” a council spokesperson said.

"All monies were collected by the previous managers and locals are advised to contact them for any refunds.”