STORMY DAY: The South Burnett is finally getting some rainfall
STORMY DAY: The South Burnett is finally getting some rainfall Jessica McGrath

WEATHER: High chance of weekend washout

YOU might want to stay indoors this weekend, as much to our farmers' relief, the weather is expected to stay in a drizzling state.

After a night of heavy rain and severe storms around the region, some locals would be more than happy to take a look at their rain gauges this morning.

The storm predominately hit Blackbutt, with 70mm falling between 2pm yesterday to 9am this morning.

Nearby, Gayndah received 37mm, while Mt Lawless received 71mm.

Kingaroy rainfall statistics are yet to be released.

For the rest of the afternoon, the forecast is still unstable, but there is a likely chance of severe thunderstorms across the South Burnett, moving northeast.

For the weekend, there is a likely chance of thunderstorms for the eastern half of the district tomorrow, with less risk for the region than this afternoon.

Heavy showers are expected across the entire weekend, with possible storms returning on Sunday.

For those travelling or expecting to be outdoors over the weekend, be safe and mindful of the weather conditions.

Thunderstorms bring the risk of heavy rain, flash flooding and damaging hail, while heavy showers risk a heavy chance of flash flooding.

Similar conditions are expected to spread across surrounding regions as well.