Wellcamp airport introduces paid parking

PAID parking will be introduced at Wellcamp airport from Monday next week.

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport general manager Phil Gregory said the airport had always planned to charge for parking.

"With airports that is how you make money, from your parking and renting the inside of the terminal," he said.

Mr Gregory said the first four hours of parking would be free so people were still able to make use of the airport's cafe.

"When you compare it to Brisbane airport it is still really cheap," he said.

"We are a regional airport; we understand that, so we have benchmarked ourselves beside places like Mackay.

"I think we are pretty competitive with those."

From January 4, the first two days of parking will cost $15, days three to seven $10 and every day after seven will be $5.

"The airport is a fantastic asset and we need to get that return so we can continue to develop the business," Mr Gregory said.

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