Businessman's bid to boost confidence in Gladstone

A BUSINESSMAN, who won't ever use the word bust to describe Gladstone, has a plan to help struggling businesses.

Alex Staines hopes to restore consumer confidence and change the behaviour of shoppers.

Paul Braven

Mr Staines has seen locals and business owners suffer from the downturn of the so-called construction boom three years ago.

But he said now more than ever, businesses and residents needed to support each other.

"I won't ever use the word bust to describe Gladstone," he said.

"We won't ever see that same level of construction from the work that came from (Curtis Island).

"We've always been the type of region to bounce back ... right now it's a matter of sticking together and supporting each other.

"The sky isn't falling, we need to run an education campaign to show we are resilient, we need to do that Queenslander rally cry, that we've been here before and we've come out the other end, just like we will again."

In a nod to showing times are changing Gladstone Regional Council put the feelers out this week for a $300,000 plan to revitalise the CBD.

Mr Staines said it was initiatives like these, and the Hanson Road Traders event this month that would help boost consumer confidence.

The Hog's Breath Gladstone owner now wants to bring together businesses for month-long specials and celebrations, similar to the Hanson Road Traders idea.

This could include a celebration of businesses in the CBD, Calliope, Boyne/Tannum and Sun Valley.

Mr Staines said it was important for these events to last longer than a day or a week, to change the behaviours of shoppers.

He said these events would be "inclusive" to all businesses.

With two businesses closing in the Gladstone CBD this week, Mr Staines said it was a timely reminder for residents to support locals.

"We need to inject confidence back into our local economy and do a better task of celebrating our achievements," he wrote on Facebook.

"Consumer confidence is low but it's up to us to change this."

People or businesses who would like to have their say, can contact Mr Staines on Facebook.