GOOD EGGS: Dan Andersson and Trent Faunt are coming up with a way to help the older residents in our community get through this pandemic.
GOOD EGGS: Dan Andersson and Trent Faunt are coming up with a way to help the older residents in our community get through this pandemic.

What do a fruit shop and a real estate agent have in common?

FOR OLDER members of the South Burnett community, these are particularly trying times.

With the Australian Government urges people aged over 70 and anybody over 60 with a chronic disease to stay at home for their own protection we now have a large portion of our community who are housebound, scared, lonely and now potentially running low on a number of essentials.

Thank fully Dan Andersson from Anderssons Fruit Market and Trent Faunt from Faunt and Emmet Real Estate have joined forces to help those in need.

“We want to make this difficult time a little bit easier for the older members of our community by offering housebound people over 60 a delivery of some essential items like fresh fruit and veg, milk and bread to help get them through this tough time,” local real estate agent, Trent Faunt said.

“We’ve noticed a number of our rental tenants around the region are starting to really struggle with all the new coronavirus rule and regulations so we wanted to come up with a way to reduce the stress on older residents trapped at home.

“They’ve lost a lot of their independence and ability to socialise because of this pandemic so we want to try and give just a tiny bit of that back to them by supplying them with a box of necessities.”

For every box of supplies Mr Faunt provides, Mr Andersson said Anderssons Fruit Market would match his donation, box for box.

“We will also be delivering the boxes to their front door at absolutely no charge while also maintaining social distancing rules,” Mr Andersson said.

“It’s important at times like this we look out for each other and the most vulnerable members of our community.

“Our older community members have worked hard to provide and take care of this region throughout their lifetime so we’re just giving a little bit of that back to them when they might need it the most.”

If you, or anyone you know is in need of some essential supplies please don’t hesitate to register by calling Trent Faunt on (07) 4162 4203 or message their page on Facebook or call Anderssons Fruit Market on (07) 4162 2874 and let them know you’re interested in receiving a box or seeing a loved on or neighbour receive one on their front door.

Mr Andersson and Mr Faunt are also urging other South Burnett businesses to get in touch if they are able to donate anything to the boxes of supplies, just so long as they are sanitised, any little contribution can really help.

Anderssons fruit market are also offering free deliveries for all of their customers in the Kingaroy region while the pandemic continues so if you’re in need of fresh fruit and veg, local meat, milk, eggs or any other groceries don’t hesitate to get in touch and place an order.