IN FORM: Stanley Green is state champion and now has his sights on being the best in the country.
IN FORM: Stanley Green is state champion and now has his sights on being the best in the country. Claudia Williams

What it takes to win a state title

BOXING: A typical day for Kingaroy boxer Stanley Green starts with running up Mt Wooroolin.

After breakfast he heads to the gym for a weight and cardio session alongside his coach Andrew Ma.

In the afternoon he is down at the Kingaroy showgrounds with Ma Fu Wing Fight Club working on his technique, cardio and strength and conditioning.

This has been his routine since he started training and living with Ma five months ago and his dedication paid off in Rockhampton on the weekend when he won his first Queensland title.

"It's a very good feeling winning and being on top, it is where I want to be,” he said.

"This year has been intense and we want to get there and be number one straight away.”

Stanley is hungry to win and the chance to be number one is what drives him to continue to train with such intensity with his sights set on the Australian titles in Hobart on December 1.

The 17-year-old has transformed mentally and physically under the coaching of Ma from weighing in at 63kg to winning his state title in the 75kg class.

"I said if you want to get into it you have got to give me 100%. I need you to be fully dedicated inside and outside of training, studying and working and he hasn't let me down yet,” Ma said.

"I have known he has a natural ability from day dot he just needed someone to keep him honest and push him and I have had no problem doing that.”

"We've tried to surround him with love, respect and positivity and he is thriving from it.”

Stanley's greatest asset as a boxer is his left hook and has been key in winning his last three fights including the Queensland title by knock out.

The fashion in which he has been winning his fights has been responsible for his fast rise to the top.

"He has set them up with other punches but they have always fallen for the hook,” Ma said.

"It is not like his opponents have been easy walkovers they have been big strong lads and have been fully prepared for a hard fight but Stanley has just been more prepared.”

Ma sees Stanley having a huge career in the sport and wants to make sure he gets the most out of it.

"He has the ability to be fighting professionally now but I want him to stick as an amateur for as long as possible, take as many titles as possible, go to the Olympics and set himself up to be prepared to go into the professionals and make a good career out of it rather than having a go and getting paid to win or lose,” he said.

"We don't want to win or lose we want to be the best.”

Stanley will step into the ring again in Mudjimba on October 13, his warm-up fight before the Australian title.

"Every fight we step it up. Every fight is different, every opponent is different and you have got to be able to adjust and he has made it look easy every time,” Ma said.