Rob Fitzherbert from the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Rob Fitzherbert from the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industries Elaelah Harley

What needs to change to bring more money into our towns

IN ORDER to bring money into the South Burnett, local businesses are requiring updated town infrastructure that will boost tourism opportunities within the region.

Rob Fitzherbert, President of the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce & Industries (KCCI), believes we need to appeal to the minds of our visitors.

"Coming into the region, we need to think - is the town aesthetically pleasing? Is it very easy to see where the Visitor Information Centre is in our streets? This mindset will help us figure out where we need to improve,” he said.

"Currently the council is undergoing their streetscape town revitalisation which I think is vital for getting the basic core infrastructure of our town brought up to a point where you can put yourself in our tourist's shoes.”

Mr Fitzherbert believes a lot of it has to do with convenient parking availabilities.

"We need RVs and caravans to be able to park as close to the Visitor Information Centre as possible, so that visitors can then learn about the town and then walk among the town's businesses. Foot traffic is a main part of a business' customer base, after all,” he said.

"Eventually we'll be spoiled for choice with different events all over the South Burnett, which brings more money and people in.”

In a conscious effort to improve this infrastructure, soon KCCI will be able to influence council decisions.

"Once the KCCI's lobbying process has been ratified, the regional council have made the commitment of starting a steering committee, where the Chamber of Commerce will have a seat on that committee,” Mr Fitzherbert said.

"This is a great step forward to making sure the views of the business folk are taken into consideration, whilst continuing to develop our town.”

In the meantime, business owners can make the effort to improve their online presence.

"Over the last year or so there has been quite a degree of workshops brought to the region about improving our digital presence,” he said.

"It's probably one example of where organisations are trying to develop capacity in the businesses, to learn new tools to be able to take advantage of the broader market, which is very important.”

This is a paid editorial, written as part of our Town Proud campaign.