FACE PLANT: Syco Sam will be at this year's 110th Nanango Show.
FACE PLANT: Syco Sam will be at this year's 110th Nanango Show. Mike Knott BUN120815TRUCKS3

What to expect at the 110th Nanango Show

THE 110th Nanango Show has a whole lot of new attractions to keep your family entertained.

Les Schloss, president of the Nanango Show Society, said guests can expect a day full of fun activities, and hopes that this year will be better than ever.

A range of these activities include the SYCO SAM Comedy Car Show.

"The skit involves short cars, where they rollover and it's a lot of fun for the crowd to see," Mr Schloss said.

This is the first time that SYCO SAM has made an appearance at the Nanango show, and the Nanango Show Society are excited to see the action.

As well as this car show, guests can also look forward to a raging rodeo in the main arena, followed by a South Burnett barrel race.

"It'll only include our local equestrian group, and they love to get involved," Mr Schloss said.

After the rodeo, Mr Schloss said they will have a sculpturing auction, and a firewood splitting competition following that.

"The firewood splitting competition will be really fun, we're all excited for it. We get a few teams, and a lot of people enjoy watching the heats," he said.

For more entertainment, there will be the raving Gilmore Circus on show.

Mr Schloss said the will bring their racing pigs along, and animal lovers will enjoy the spectacle.

They will also enjoy being able to visit the kid-friendly animal nursery, which is always a good excuse to sit down and de-stress.

However, if you want to get up and active, Mr Schloss informs that there will be a rock-climbing tower, free for all.

Mr Schloss said the Nanango Show Society are taking on the prices themselves, so that all of the kids attending are able to get active and have some fun.