Southport Court
Southport Court

What woman blames for three month crime spree

A WOMAN has blamed a toxic relationship and two miscarriages for a drug-fuelled three-month crime spree across the Gold Coast.

Chloe Gaffey, 19, pleaded guilty in Southport Magistrates Court to a string of offences including evasion, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and possession of a dangerous drug.

Magistrate Mark Howden said Gaffey had effectively gone on a crime spree over a three-month period late last year.

"Perhaps the most serious of which is the evasion offence, where you were driving without a licence, exceeding the speed limit, in a stolen car," he said.

But Gaffey's solicitor Sarah Jowitt said that during the three months, Gaffey had been homeless and in a toxic relationship.

The woman pled guilty in Southport Court. Photos: Scott Fletcher
The woman pled guilty in Southport Court. Photos: Scott Fletcher

"They were both heavily using drugs and making poor choices together," she said.

Ms Jowitt said Gaffey suffered two miscarriages in a short period, which exacerbated her drug use.

"She wasn't coping with that loss and she wasn't seeking any assistance. She was using her addiction as a coping mechanism," she said.

Gaffey had already spent 82 days in custody.

She was sentenced to nine months in jail, taking into account time already served, with immediate parole. She was disqualified from driving for two years.