Unique properties with a sense of character have proven popular on booking site Airbnb.
Unique properties with a sense of character have proven popular on booking site Airbnb. FOTOGRAFIA INC.

What's the key to attracting guests to your Airbnb?

There is no shortage of debate when it comes to the knock-on effects of accommodation share giant, Airbnb.

There is an effect on the rental market, housing prices, the hospitality industry and more.

Depending what sector of the market or population you speak to, the impact can vary from a rejuvenating boon for homeowners and property investors to catastrophic for those seeking affordable, long-term rental properties.

But there's an area on which Airbnb has had a more subtle influence - and that's home decor and design.

When homeowners started opening up rooms and even their entire home to the public, it changed how they styled their homes.

The first thing I noticed in participating homes was a trend towards extreme minimalism. But more disturbing, a sense of blandness was creeping into these advertised spaces.

Soft furnishings that were previously colourful were replaced by shades of safe beige.

Personal trinkets were banished, as were many of the more expensive - and attractive - decor pieces.

Homes and guestrooms were becoming imitations of homogeneous hotel rooms. It was presumed that paying guests were as tasteless as the spaces offered up for rent.

Interestingly and more recently, a new trend has emerged on sites such as Airbnb.

Homes and rooms that have a point of difference and a sense of character and style have excelled in popularity and the rate they can attract.

A friend's gypsy caravan has a waitlist of weeks, while another friend has incorporated her collection of art into a popular bohemian haven for guests.

As the share accommodation market became flooded by drab interiors, it appeared good taste and individuality emerged victorious and was rewarded, as it should be, regardless of whether you are sharing your home or not.