Olivia Everitt is starting a project for a mural in Murgon.
Olivia Everitt is starting a project for a mural in Murgon. Katherine Morris

What's the state of the arts in the South Burnett?

THE South Burnett has a supportive art scene, according to a new arts professional who recently moved to the region.

Independent art project co-ordinator Olivia Everitt moved to Kingaroy in March and said there was an "encouraging and supportive” community of artists supporting each other.

"There are a number of different artist-run groups such as New Beginning, Jumping Ants and more that offer a really supportive arts environment,” Ms Everitt said.

Despite the community support, she said there was not enough support from local government bodies in the region.

"Their revenue comes from rates, compared to other regional council areas that have a higher population, and diversity of revenue streams and a lot more flexibility for things outside rates,” she said.

"The encouraging thing is on a state level in the recent budget, Arts Queensland will be providing more funding for regional arts developments.

"So while options may feel limited on a local level, the South Burnett is well placed on a state and maybe a federal level on attracting regional arts funding.”

Ms Everitt said arts and culture were important to growing tourism in the region, as well as the liveability for everyone else.

"I saw the news about a new tourism organisation forming and when we have those conversations about tourism, cultural tourism and liveability in regards to culture and arts need to be a part of that conversation,” she said.

South Burnett Regional Council arts spokeswoman Councillor Danita Potter said she believed the art scene in the region was improving every year.

"We have so many amazing and talented people here,” she said.

"The Kingaroy and Wondai Art Galleries are putting on new exhibitions every month, Kingaroy just had the ReFire project on display and that was incredible.”

Cr Potter said assets such as the South Burnett Rail Trail opened up new potential for artists.

"It would be nice to see bits of art along the way,” she said.

"It would be a great point of interest, as it would not just be a rail trail, it would be an art trail as well,” Cr Potter added.