SICK of not receiving replies to his text messages sent to an ex-partner, a fed up Gladstone man decided to try a new method.
SICK of not receiving replies to his text messages sent to an ex-partner, a fed up Gladstone man decided to try a new method. Mark Schiefelbein

Man threatens to kill self when ex-partner doesn't text back

SICK of not receiving replies to text messages sent to his ex-partner, a fed-up Gladstone man tried a new method to get her attention.

A text message saying he was going to kill himself.

Instead of a reply, the 33-year-old Gladstone man received a knock at his door from police after his ex-partner who (at the time, and currently) held a current protection order against the man, but worried for his health, called emergency services.

Yesterday the man pleaded guilty to the Gladstone Magistrates Court to three charges, one count of an aggravated domestic violence offence, one count of possessing cannabis and one count of possessing utensils to smoke the drugs.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said police arrived at the man house about 4.30pm on December 31.

Mr Reece said when police knocked on the door and didn't get an answer, they walked around to the back of the house, where the defendant was found crying. Despite this, he told police that he was "never going to hurt himself" but he just wanted her to call him.

Police searched the house and found about .05grams of cannabis and drug utensils.

The court heard the man admitted to smoking the drugs, and also has a criminal history of domestic violence offences, which he has received a prison sentence for in the past.

However, Mr Reece said the most recent offending saw no visible contact with the aggrieved and was a breach of the order through text messaging contact.

"But this warrants concern for his mental health," Mr Reece said.

Defence Lawyer Jun Pepito said his client was on track to "bettering himself".

"He is taking the steps through self-enrolled counselling to get his mental health in order," Mr Pepito said. "He now understands that the relationship he had with his ex-partner of three years is over.

"It ended in very bad way for both of them, which is where his first domestic violence offence comes from."

Acting Gladstone Magistrate Neil Lavaring said while technical, it was a breach nevertheless.

"These breaches add up you know, technical or not, and can carry up to five years imprisonment, or more," Mr Lavaring said.

He extended the defendant's current probation order by three months.

He was also ordered to pay a $600 fine with a conviction recorded.