Rohan Voller from Rohan Voller's Denture Studio knows how to make the denture process less daunting.
Rohan Voller from Rohan Voller's Denture Studio knows how to make the denture process less daunting. Elaelah Harley

When should people get dentures?

DENTURES are more common around the South Burnett than you might think.

Rohan Voller from Rohan Voller's Denture Studio said he keeps quite busy with appointments in the region.

"Many come because of trauma when they were kids, either being hit playing sport or getting injured on the farm, which are both popular scenarios here,” he said.

While these are main contributors, Mr Voller said there are many reasons for why people might need dentures.

"People can have a lot of issues with bacteria and decay, where some people are more prone to decay than others. If they grow up heavily taking antibiotics before they turn 10 or 12, the teeth can get quite weak,” he said.

"Then there's gum disease, where even if the teeth are healthy, the roots get infected and they become wobbly.

"There's a multitude of reasons, and some patients just don't like the look of their teeth, so they want cosmetic dentures put in.”

According to Mr Voller, there is no age limit, and people should start considering dentures when they have lots of gaps, tooth loss, or have quite rotten or decayed teeth.

Mr Voller creates the dentures and takes appointments, all from the fresh-looking studio located on his farm.

"I wanted it to be a relaxed environment for the patients to come out and enjoy the experience. To make a whole new set of dentures, it takes at least five appointments,” he said.

"I usually do it once a week, so they come for five weeks. After that, they know the dogs and chooks around the studio quite well.”

Mr Voller starts his first appointment off with a consultation, and if they're happy with the process, he will start with primary impressions.

"I'll then take final impressions with a special tray, and on the next appointment I'll do a prime, making the dentures out of wax, seeing if they're happy with the shape of the teeth and look of it,” he said.

"The next appointment is the finished point, where they get the dentures, and then finally they come back a week later for any adjustments needed.”