FAMOUS CAR: Graham Crittenden's 1912 record breaking Overland 'Old Whitey'.
FAMOUS CAR: Graham Crittenden's 1912 record breaking Overland 'Old Whitey'.

Where you can see the famous 1912 Overland

THE best-known Overland in Australia is going to be on show at the Wondai Street Sprints, after 53 years of restoration.

The 1912 Overland, owned by Graham and Marjorie Crittenden, has had a lot of impressive history attached to it.

When Mr Crittenden found the car in 1966, he knew he had to take it on as a project.

"I've always been interested in antique cars and had already restored some before then. Once I saw this Overland, I realised its historic value,” he said.

Old Whitey was one of the fastest cars in 1918, holding the year's Sydney to Brisbane record at 19 hours and 38 minutes, shaving six hours off the previous record.

"It was fast. By rail, the best time you could do from Sydney to Brisbane was 27 hours,” Mr Crittenden said.

Old Whitey was found previously in a derelict condition in 1959 at an old garage in Brisbane.

"A family of antique collectors found it and restored it as best they could, but there wasn't a lot of information ready at the time, which means there were a few errors,” Mr Crittenden said.

"In 1966 I set about putting everything back to where it was originally, but it has been a long effort.”

In the past, resources weren't as readily available as they are now, and it took over 15 years for Mr Crittenden to find the right wheels for it.

"In the end, I had to get some parts of the wheels machined up. To restore it correctly, you have to get everything right, and now there's a lot more information to make that possible,” he said.

Mr Crittenden said despite it being a big effort, it's a great hobby for the whole family.

In honour of the little car that could, they got Old Whitey running in 2018, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of when it broke the Brisbane to Toowoomba record.

"We did an exact re-enactment of that course on the same day, July 5,” Mr Crittenden said.

A commemorative rally was also held in October last year for the anniversary of Old Whitey's Sydney to Brisbane race in 1918.

"There were over 35 Overlands from 1910 to 1920 that participated, and I felt very fortunate to be the owner of this car,” Mr Crittenden said.