A woman has been sentenced to 15 month in prison for numerous assault charges, including stabbing a victim with a butter knife. File Photo.
A woman has been sentenced to 15 month in prison for numerous assault charges, including stabbing a victim with a butter knife. File Photo.

‘White maggot’: Convicted assailant abuses magistrate

A CHERBOURG woman convicted with stabbing a victim with a butter knife has verbally abused a magistrate after receiving a 15-month sentence.

Shaylene Irene Joyce Jerome, 26, appeared before Kingaroy Magistrates Court via video on Monday, entering a plea of guilty to numerous assault charges committed between May and August 2020.

At the time of the first offence, committed on May 11, Jerome walked in on the victim sleeping and began verbally abusing her, telling her to “get the f--k out of my house”.

The victim was reportedly unaware that Jerome was staying in the same property.

Jerome continued to yell abuse at the victim as she collected her things to leave, before punching her in the face.

According to the police prosecutor Barry Stevens, as she exited the front door, the victim was struck again with a closed fist, leaving a swollen lump on her cheekbone.

The victim said to Jerome, “if you want to fight we’ll go out on the street and do it properly”. Jerome then walked back inside, only to return with a fan, which she then proceeded to strike the victim with twice to the side of her back.

In the early hours of August 1, Jerome began yelling and swearing at a teenage girl, before pushing her in the chest. After the 17-year-old pushed back, Jerome proceeded to strike her in the forehead with a can of premixed liquor, leaving a swollen red mark. The defendant then struck the victim in the mouth with her fist, causing her mouth to bleed.

After the fight, the young girl went to clean herself off, and upon her return, she was again confronted by Jerome. On this occasion, she rushed toward the victim and punched the side of the victims face a number of times.

In another isolated incident on the morning of August 1, Jerome produced a butter knife during a fight with the victim.

“Seeing the knife, the victim withdrew from the fight and started to run away,” Sgt Stevens said.

“The defendant chased the victim and stabbed her on the top of her left foot.”

Another person at the party rushed to the aid of the victim, and while trying to disarm Jerome, was struck in the ear with the knife. This resulted in a 2cm slice mark through the cartilage.

For the assault occasioning bodily harm of May 11, Magistrate Andrew Sinclair sentenced the mother of two to six months imprisonment.

For assaulting a teenage girl and then striking her with an object, Jerome received two prison sentences of six months and nine months.

For the assaults where the victim was stabbed in the foot, and another in the ear, Jerome received two more prison sentences of 15 months and nine months.

Jerome responded to the attack on the teenager before the court, saying “I was defending myself.”

“What you are saying is complete and utter rubbish,” Magistrate Sinclair said.

“You are a violent person who took a weapon and attacked a child.”

The sentences are to be served concurrently, equating to a total of 15 months, with the parole release date set for January 4, 2020.

The victim had to be returned to Murgon Watchhouse during the sentencing, due to her persistantly yelling abuse at the magistrate – telling him to “get f--ked” and calling him a “f--king white maggot” and “motherf--ker”.