The easy elegance of the Hamptons can be incorporated into any home.
The easy elegance of the Hamptons can be incorporated into any home. whyframestudio

White's right for a Hamptons look

IN MY 20s, I was lucky enough to live in New York City. But I was even luckier to have a friend who had a cottage in East Hampton on nearby Long Island. I had no idea what a rarified world I was visiting. I spent the summer months lolling on expansive beaches, swimming in designer pools, buying food at the now legendary Barefoot Contessa and dancing the night away in marquees at parties where the B52s played. As I said, I had no appreciation of how lucky I was.

My friend's Hamptons cottage really was that, a humble "lean to" where the wooden floor was set at a rather alarming angle. But, hey, it was summer in the Hamptons and it had a funky, beachside charm.

What I observed in the Hamptons homes I visited was that they all had one thing in common - nature was placed firmly centre stage, a contrast with Manhattan interiors.

Now a bona fide international look, Hamptons-style homes are essentially upmarket beachside abodes that work brilliantly with our Australian climate and lifestyle. To achieve the fashionable look, remember it's all about keeping it simple while showcasing light-filled open spaces with lashings of white on white.

White walls, whitewashed timber floors - you can never have too much white to create a Hamptons look. Colour accents and trims are often in elegant shades of grey or navy and you'll want to furnish with stylish cane or rustic wood - anything natural, while accessorising with nautical decor pieces and house plants.