‘Why did you block me on Snapchat, you s---?’


A HOBART father-of-seven who breached dozens of restraint orders against three women, including once when he slapped his lover to the ground after she blocked him on Snapchat, will be kept under electronic monitoring for another year.

Bradley Daniel Ford, 34, appeared in the Hobart Magistrates Court recently when he pleaded guilty to dozens of family violence order breaches - including via dozens of phone calls while he was locked up in jail - plus drug possession and assault charges, and one count of possessing a carpet python.

The snake has since been euthanised as it posed a biosecurity risk, the court was told.

Magistrate Glenn Hay was told Ford, who was using 3.5 grams of ice a day at the height of his addiction, was under a full non-contact order in June 2018 when he turned up at his lover's Sorell home, wanting to know if she was sleeping with other men.

The woman later blocked Ford on Snapchat, but he came back to her home and said: "why did you block me on Snapchat, you slut?"

She said she was "sick of living like this" and felt "worthless", with Ford then slapping her, and causing her to fall to the ground.

The court was told the woman remains "terrified" of Ford, claiming she'd been subject to years of abuse and has "essentially been in hiding" from him ever since.

In January last year, Ford was fitted with an electronic monitoring device on his ankle but breached another family violence order against a different woman after she invited him to her Rokeby home in November.

But the court was told that while Ford was at the woman's house, he was contacted by an associate who had been listening to the police scanner and warned him officers were looking for him.

Ford later told police he'd "forgotten" about his ankle bracelet.

The court was also told that during 2016, while Ford was an inmate at Risdon Prison, he made dozens of phone calls to another girlfriend, and in doing so breached a family violence order.

Mr Hay said while some of the calls were "expressions of love or benign", some of the calls involved conversations using code, while others involved Ford attempting to persuade his lover to drop the family violence order.

Ford was fined $350 over the python, was given a six-month suspended jail sentence, and placed under a 12-month community correction order with 70 hours of community service and continued supervision with his electronic ankle bracelet.