Lismore mother of two Karlye Thurlow has lost 60kg in nine months
Lismore mother of two Karlye Thurlow has lost 60kg in nine months

UPDATE: Shrinking woman to appear on Today Show

UPDATE: LISMORE mum of two Karlye Thurlow has inspired people right across Australia - and the world - after sharing her incredible weight loss story with The Northern Star.

And her star will continue to shine, with an appearance booked on national breakfast TV program, the Today Show, next Tuesday at 8.20am.

Earlier this week we reported on how Ms Thurlow halved her weight - she lost 60kg in nine months.

The story was shared with the Star's sister papers within APN, and her journey hit a chord with many people.

On her Facebook page, Ms Thurlow said her story had "gone viral and that she was "so humbled", having received hundreds of messages of support.

"I have been contacted by three national magazines to feature myself and my children and also newspapers such the Daily Mail," she posted.

"Let's hope I can reach out and connect with the hearts of men and women across Australia who are lost or need inspiration to make a change - boy I am so grateful."

On Facebook, many people described Ms Thurlow as an inspiration.

John N Paula Knight posted: "Awesome effort. Good on you. I have lost 46kg since September last year and still have another 20kg or so to go. It isn't easy but the results speak for themselves."

Kerensa Bell wrote: "Congrats Karlye. True inspiration. I thought you looked amazing and so darn fit!"

Jamed Mason posted: "Your perseverance and determination is exemplary, I have a daughter who has shed a similar amount of weight and I am aware of what it takes. To go public takes a lot of courage and I admire you for showing that it is really possible to turn your life around."


ORIGINAL STORY: KARLYE Thurlow is half the woman she was four years ago - literally.

In nine months, the Lismore-based single mother of two autistic children lost 60kg and has managed to keep it off for three years and counting.

"I had a lot of stresses in my life and I emotionally ate," she said.

"And I just really prioritised everybody else's needs and happiness before my own, always put myself last."

Ms Thurlow, 36, said she had always battled with weight, fluctuating between obese and morbidly obese throughout her 20s and 30s.


Lismore mother of two Karlye Thurlow has lost 60kg in nine months
BIG CHANGE: Lismore mum Karlye Thurlow lost 60kg in nine months, and has kept it off for three years and counting.

Motherhood: Her defining moment

But things started to change when she had her two children - Amber, 7, and Logan, 3.

"I became a mum and I started to realise that for my children, I was the biggest role model that they were ever going to have," she said.

"I wanted them to be able to be fully functioning, happy, healthy, and able to achieve whatever they want in life.

"I decided that I had to become really real with myself and look at where I was and why I was there.

"I was the only one who could change that."

Dealing with food, fitness, emotions

Ms Thurlow described her weight loss from 120kg to 60kg as "a massive progression" across all areas from food to fitness and dealing with emotions.

"It was a progression for my fitness, so I struggled to walk ... but then I picked up the intensity gradually," she said.

"I had to look at what I was putting into my body, why I was eating the foods I was eating.

"I had to realise that I wasn't making things better by trying to repress my feelings with food and that's not why we eat food.

"And I had to get some therapy to help me realise what emotions I was feeling and why I was feeling that and how to work through that."

Personal trainer Karlye Thurlow is inspiring others with her dramatic weight loss.
Personal trainer Karlye Thurlow is inspiring others with her dramatic weight loss. Cathy Adams

Seeing how the weight loss changed her life on "every level", Ms Thurlow became a personal trainer and is now using her own first-hand experience to help others through KT Fitness.

"I understand how they feel," she said.

"I can understand so much more than somebody who hasn't been through that process that I have.

"I just want to try to reach as many people as I can to help them any way that I can.

"I could have had many reasons and excuses why I couldn't commit ... but I just threw all those excuses out the window and realised I needed to do this."

Karlye's weight loss tips

  • Keep a food diary or use an app like MyFitnessPal to realistically monitor what you are eating, because what you think you're eating and what you're actually eating are often two different things
  • Try to be active every day. This can mean starting the day with a good, brisk 40-minute walk
  • Try to keep your body alkaline by eating more greens and even starting your day with lemon water
  • Incorporate more healthy fats and proteins like avocados and nuts.

To get in contact with Karlye, visit her website at