The pharmacies will no longer be trading on Sunday.
The pharmacies will no longer be trading on Sunday.

Why two Dalby pharmacies will stop Sunday trading

THIS Sunday will be the final day of Sunday trading for Dalby’s two pharmacies, Amcal + and the Friendly Society Dispensary.

In a social media post uploaded this morning by both businesses, the pharmacies apologised for “any inconvenience” the announcement caused in the community.

“After collaboration and review of the previous twelve months offering this service we have agreed that for both businesses this service is not viable to continue,” the statement read.

“We would like to reinforce out commitment to the Dalby and surrounding communities in providing the best possible pharmacy service from Monday to Saturday through our normal trading hours.”

For close to a year, Amcal and FSD alternated trading on Sundays to ensure the Dalby community had continued access to necessary services and medication.

The two pharmacies will now continue only trading on Monday through Saturday.

Amcal will be trading this Sunday from 11am to 2pm.