SHOW TIME: South Burnett Times journalist Jessica McGrath was named the 2019 Kingaroy Miss Showgirl.
SHOW TIME: South Burnett Times journalist Jessica McGrath was named the 2019 Kingaroy Miss Showgirl. Contributed

Why we need to support our farmers at rural shows

AS WE head into the centre of another show season for the South Burnett I think it is important to reflect on why we have rural shows.

As the 2019 Kingaroy Miss Showgirl I believe the need to get behind our farmers, producers and other rural show entrants is more important this year than ever before.

Australian rural shows started back in the 19th century to showcase the work of those in the region and an opportunity to celebrate the achievements within the community.

Last March marked two years since the South Burnett was drought declared, becoming one of the largest declared areas in Queensland.

Livestock and produce entries may not be up to the same standard as they were a few years ago when there was an abundance of water available, green grass and feed for animals.

Although the entry standards may or may not be equal to what they were when we were not in drought, we still need to support our rural shows.

We need to celebrate these achievements of farmers who have produced show-worthy vegetables, fruit and peanuts despite the challenges two years of drought has brought.

We need to encourage the farmers who have made sacrifices within their business to ensure their livestock have enough feed and are still healthy despite seeing limited rain.

As the South Burnett community we can continue to support the farmers, who are also our neighbours, by attending rural shows like the Kingaroy Show next weekend and watch the livestock competitions, parades and see the produce entries in the pavilions.

The show weekend is also an opportunity to encourage community and give people a break from their every day routines.

We need to continue to support our rural shows so that our rural communities can enjoy the much-needed break from the normal pressures of their lives.

It is especially important for the farmers and businesses who are currently under extra financial and logistical pressures due to the drought to be able to have a weekend off at the show.

Kingaroy Show will be open to the public from 8am on Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5.