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Why we should all support local events

THE South Burnett Regional Council is well aware of the positive impacts local events have on our society, from both an entertainment standpoint, and an economic one.

Because of this, Councillor Danita Potter insists we, as a community, help support local events, for the benefit of all.

"Not only does everyone enjoy our events, but we would get stagnant if we didn't have these things. The community would be at a standstill, because without all of these different events to go to, we're not growing in the community," she said.

This type of growth spurs from a range of different events and activities and are all planned to improve tourism and local attractions.

"Community events and activities are a priority, especially within the council, and whether it be the Christmas Carnival, Baconfest, or CTC with their family fundraisers around April, everything that we do within the community is to keep our locals active and entertained, while also helping fundraise whenever we can," she said.

While growing as a community, it also gives people something to look forwards to within the region, while also helping create social connections.

"Overall, events like these are really important to our community, because it brings people together and gives people something to look forward to and gives us all a place where we can reaffirm local connections and bonds," Cr Potter said.

Despite the year coming to a soon close, we still have a lot of activities to be excited about with Christmas approaching.

"We have the Christmas carnival coming up in December, which is always a huge one. Not only is it lots of fun, but it isn't too expensive for the community. Locals will have discounted tickets and they are also invited to enjoy some free entertainment up in the forecourt on the square," Cr Potter said.

This is a paid editorial written as part of our Town Proud campaign.