ANNOUNCEMENT: Mayor Keith Campbell says he will run in the 2020 South Burnett Council election.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Mayor Keith Campbell says he will run in the 2020 South Burnett Council election.

Will he stay or will he go? Mayor reveals all

WHEN South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell was elected just under four years ago, he said he wanted to fulfil two terms in the position.

Now, he will endeavour to pursue this aspiration after he announced he will renominate as mayor in the March 2020 South Burnett Regional Council election.

With less than four months until polling day, Cr Campbell said he felt gratified that he’d been able to preside over such significant development in the South Burnett.

“It would be a great honour to continue as mayor of the South Burnett and further deliver on several key initiatives that will set this wonderful region up for the next 20 years,” he said.

“The achievements of the past four-year term have not come without pain and difficult decisions.

“It is very rewarding as mayor to see the extensive development that has taken place and what is in the pipeline for the future.

“I personally read this as a vote of confidence by our own investors, and those from outside the South Burnett, that they believe it is a solid place for investment, and further, an endorsement of the direction that this council has taken,” he said.

As part of his renomination campaign, Cr Campbell outlined eight top priorities if he was re-elected for another term.

“I want to drive the outcomes of the feasibility study, which is now underway, into securing water for agriculture, industry and urban growth.

“I will ensure that a new economic development plan and South Burnett Investment Ready prospectus is completed to complement our new economic strategy.

“Governments of today are focused on a zero waste approach ...

I will create an awareness and help build understanding that kerbside recycling is the legitimate next step for the Waste Services Department to implement for the South Burnett.

Cr Campbell said focusing on road development would be a huge priority after having significantly reduced the number of complaints to council since four years ago.

He said that technology and telecommunications were essential in order to attract new business and satisfy the needs of existing business, another top priority in his agenda.

In order to provide people of the South Burnett with the best health care, Cr Campbell said he would represent the views of the residents in relation to the need for appropriate medical services.

“Our health is a number one priority,” he said.

“I will also provide strong, firm and positive leadership and work with a team who will connect with the direction and purpose of the previous four year term of council.

At the time of publication, long-time business owner Brett Otto is the only other person to nominate as mayor of the South Burnett.