Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence
Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence MILLARD RUSSELL

Woman allegedly threatens to slit mum's throat

A 34-year-old Kingaroy woman who allegedly threatened to slit her mother's throat has been placed on probation after breaching a domestic violence order on multiple occasions.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, faced the Kingaroy magistrate on one charge of contravening a temporary protection order, four charges of breaching a protection order, one charge of possessing scales, a plastic spoon, a straw and clipseal bags, and a charge of failing to appear in court.

Duty lawyer Tom Carr said at the time of the offences taking in place in May, his client was homeless.

"She received calls from her mother checking up on her, as mothers do,” he said.

"The mother offered shelter at her house and while there she'd find she didn't quite see eye-to-eye on some issues and she felt she'd be overly criticised, which would spark tension between her and her mother.

"She wouldn't know where she stood in regards to staying with her mother and she wouldn't have anywhere else to go because she's exhausted a lot of her friendships.”

Mr Carr said the woman, who has five daughters, has struggled with drugs and an undiagnosed mental illness since her son was stillborn in May 2015.

"She's struggled to recover from that event,” he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the woman had "lost control of her life”.

"You have five children and not one of them lives with you,” she said.

"I would have thought that would sadden you and should motivate you to try to address the factors that have resulted in that so you can have your kids returned to your care.”

Ms Pink told the woman she needed to learn it wasn't her right to turn up to her mother's house and demand to be able to live there.

"You're 34-years-old. You're not an 18-year-old child who doesn't know where to go if you can't stay at your mum's place.”

"You need to learn how to avoid committing domestic violence,” Ms Pink said.

"Not only do you show up when you feel like it and refuse to leave, but you threaten her, you damage property, throw property, you've allegedly threatened to slit her throat and you've threatened to smash the place up if she calls the police.”

Ms Pink told the woman that was controlling behaviour and constituted domestic violence.

"I can see you rolling your eyes and shaking your head, and while you continue to not understand what domestic violence is, you'll continue down this path and you'll end up in jail.”

The mother of five was placed on six months' probation and was fined $250 for failing to appear.